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      Finally the Laserneedle Therapy Handbook is available!


3 Authors present their experience with this method, which they practiced since 2001.

Physicist Dr. Schikora provides theoretical backgrounds such as the meaning of scattering of photons in the tissues as requirement for unspecific and specific absorption.
In practical use this fact gives an explanation why Laserneedle Therapy with red light (650 – 700 nm) is especially efficient in treating orthopedic diseases.
The effect of photon absorption on mitochondria of cells is presented as well as molecular and atomic effects, especially the meaning of chromophores.
He especially points out that human tissue should not be exposed to UV-light below 400 nm and above 750 nm because of damaging effects. He also collected experiences with the usage of Laserneedle from numerous medical doctors which are presented in chapter 4 – 5. Laser safety regulations - and the reason for following them strictly - can be found in part 6.

Rita Klowersa
, medical doctor, started work with Laserneedle in 2001 with emphasize on pediatric diseases. The effective therapy without causing any pain is very popular. Therapies of organ-, skin-, bone- and metabolic dysfunctions as a sign of energetic dysbalance are presented with Chinese acupuncture principles and classical medical aspects. Photos of the application of Laserneedles for each disease illustrate the therapeutic procedure in detail. Frequencies which have been proved useful are given to every disease presentation.

Prof. Sandi Suwanda
, gynecologist in Switzerland, teacher and specialist in TCM, gives insight into his experience of several years of treatment with Laserneedle, not only for gynecologic indications but also the whole spectrum of diseases with TCM indications and diagnosis as well as “western” medical aspects. Impressive examples  show that even several pain areas can be treated simultaneously without causing therapeutic pain. Practical guidelines give an overall view on the possiblities with Laserneedle.
Alltogether this book is a real Handbook with a format suited to give information in every day practice.

256 pages of concentrate information

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